iJuan (Short Story) by Biographyguy Part 3

            “Bah, they won’t help you. I, on the other hand, am the President of Mars.”

            “You are drunk.”

            “They say I’m drunk. They also say I’m nuts. Want to know what I think? I think they are the crazy ones. Them and their fancy gadgets. If I hear the word initialize one more time I’ll…”

            “What does initialize mean?”

            “That’s what they do with their iContacts. They are computers that they put on their eyes like contact lenses. To be without them is to be an alien to the world these days.”

            “I had no idea humanity had advanced so far.”

            “Advanced you say? I call them primitive. I wonder just how many of these fools would get lost in their own backyard without their precious gadgets. Advanced? Ha.”

            “What do your leaders have to say about the situation?” Juan inquired.

            “Oh they are quite sure the human race is devolving. That presents less opposition to their pet projects designed only to line their pockets. Oh sure, most of these people think that they are successful when they upgrade their iContacts, but oh ho no. The only successful ones are those whom convinced the masses to get iContacts in the first place.”

            “I need to talk to your leaders about this. Where can I find them?”

            “Have a seat and talk to me and I’ll tell you where to go after. It’s not every day that I get to talk to someone like you.”

            Juan sat down on the steps beside Reeking Bob. He propped up his hind leg to keep himself steady.

            “That’s some trick. Were you born that way, friend?” inquired Bob.

            “No I wasn’t. This is what my Father thought would help me blend in here. Perhaps this is his idea of a joke?”

            “I like your Father then.”

            “That’s good. He’s why I’m here. Are you sure you want to hear what I have to say?”

            Bob took a drink, set the bottle down, stretched his arms wide and said, “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

            “My Father is something of a scientist. He told me some news that will affect this planet. I came to tell your leaders that a cosmic event could occur, and I am here to save as many as possible. If it does happen, it will not be for many years, but the evacuation is to begin soon. Your leaders will be the ones to decide who goes first.”

            Bob ran his fingers through his hair. “That’s quite the bit of news there. How long do we have exactly until this ‘cosmic event’ forms?”

            “Just a thousand years. As you can see it is urgent that the evacuation begin soon.”

            “A thousand years? Look Juan, time may work different where you come from. People here don’t live much past 100 at the most. Besides, the fools in charge of this place don’t look past the next election. Even were you lucky enough to have a so-called leader believe you they would only save those whom would ensure they stay in power.”

            “Then who do you think I should save?”

            “I say save everyone whom can still think for themselves. I assume you are telepathic or something right? Read people’s minds to figure out if they can be saved.”

            “I’m not exactly telepathic, Bob. I was sent to save as many people as possible. How many do you suppose still have the ability to think?”

            “None of the bozos with the iContacts, that’s for sure. I would start with the youngest whose minds have not been polluted, yet.”

            “So I should save the children then.”

            “Yes, the children. They are the only reason why I’m still here, Juan. It is because of the hope surrounding each new generation that I hold onto the hope for the future.”

2 comments on “iJuan (Short Story) by Biographyguy Part 3

  1. The Manoj Arora says:

    From what I’ve read in 2 minutes, Well written. I shall complete the series now.

    on a blank screen
    disguised as words-

    Do check out more of my works at


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