iJuan (Short Story) by Biographyguy Part 4

            “What about you, Bob? Don’t you want to be saved?”

            “All I want is to know where my next drink is coming from. Perhaps if I get lucky I can sneak some booze out of the liquor store farther up Main Street. No Juan, my plans do not look much past the here and now. In many ways I am like the leaders and citizens I just condemned.”  

            The pair sat in silence for a few moments, each apparently pondering the words of the other. Juan refused to believe that all but the children of this world were hopeless. He watched the sidewalk as a man and woman walked towards each other. In a matter of seconds they collided, each knocking the other back a few steps. “Jerk,” said the woman. “Reinitialize college testing app.” “Screw you, lady. Reinitialize game app.”

            “Excuse me, sir?” Juan said as he got up. Bob just watched from his step.

            The man stopped and looked in his direction. “Boy, you’re wearing one ugly costume. It’s still months ‘til Halloween. iContact, initialize camera app.” In a few seconds a flash appeared. Juan blinked all four of his eyes. “Thanks for the picture, buddy. iContact, Initialize social media app and post picture one. Close social media app. Reinitialize game app.”

            “Sir, could I please talk to you?”

            “What is it? iContact, send text to Judy: ‘Bigfoot found near Main Street’.”

            “I’m not a bigfoot. I’m here to save you from destruction taking place in a thousand years from a cosmic event.”

            “iContact, initialize police emergency app. Text: ’Crazy man in bigfoot suit needs locked up’.” With that he roared with laughter and walked on.

            “You see, Juan,” said Bob. “They’re too hopeless to believe what their iContacts don’t tell them.”

            “I just don’t believe it.”

            “I didn’t believe it either at first. It was a gradual decline, but a decline it was.”

            Juan spoke to himself, “I now see that there is a far more urgent crisis at hand than a cosmic event.”

            “Eh, what is that?”

            “Bob, this world is dying.”

            “Yes, you said that.”

            “You must help me. If we don’t save the children now before they get their iContacts, this world will meet a fate far worse than destruction at the hands of a cosmic event. If we don’t do something right now this world will be dead in a matter of years, not a millennium. There are things far worse than death, and to be enslaved to a living hell is one of them. Come with me.”

            “iContacts or no iContacts, they will notice when their children are missing. Don’t you think?”

            “I’m not sure, Bob. That’s what worries me. Take my hand.”

            Reeking Bob took one last look at his customary step and reached out his hand. “Take me, Juan. I will go with you.”

            “You know this world. Where do we start?”

            “That depends on whether you want the poor kids or the rich kids.”

             Juan smiled and put his hand on Bob’s shoulder. “My Father and I welcome all the little children of Earth.” Bob smiled and the pair made for the restaurant where Juan first appeared. “You’ve never traveled by portal, have you?”

            “I don’t even know what that is.”

            “You’ll like it. Come on, let’s go see my Father and begin our work.”

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